December 31, 2014


Today’s food for thought is from Jonathan Swift: “A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.” (Fred) “Money is to be used to pay your physical debts not your moral debts.”

Today’s BARGAIN FROM FREDSPORCH.COM IS MLS # 615186 – at $289,000. A Secluded 5 BR, 3 BA home in 2300 sq. ft. on 2.14 acres is available. Two bathrooms, the kitchen and living room have been remodeled. This home is a MUST SEE! Also there is a $5K closing cost incentive with an acceptable offer.A December 31, 2014

October 31, 2014


Today’s food for thought is from James Madison:  “We are right to take alarm at the first experiment upon our liberties.”  (Fred)  “The erosion of liberty is a constant battle against the government who knows better than we do.”

Today’s BARGAIN FROM FREDSPORCH.COM IS MLS # 617717 – From $475,000 to $425,000.A October 31, 2014A Lewes DE Colonial with 5 BR, 2 BA, 2 1/2BA, in 5000 sq. ft. on .75 acre that boasts a large deck, a gas fireplace, large kitchen, huge Master Bath, and has just been reduced 50K.

March 14, 2014

Today’s food for thought is unknown:  “Of all the animals in creation, man is the only one who ears without being hungry, drinks without being thirsty, and talks without something to say.” (Fred) “Man is the most curious of critters.”

Today’s Bargain from is MLS #610528-From $270,000 to $259,500.  A Milton DE Contemporary (former model home) with 3 BR, 3 BA, in 2555 sq. ft. on .27 acre has an open floor plan, HW floors, and a large 30’ x 14’ deck.  Call me to see this gem at 302 258-6983.March 14, 2014

February 25, 2014

Today’s food for thought is from Plato:  “He was a wise man who invented beer.”  (Fred)  “A still wiser man knows how to handle beer.”

Today’s Bargain from is MLS #606561-From $999,995 to $964,000.  A Bethany Beach, DE Estate with 4 BR and 4 BA.  The estate has a private owners retreat and an indoor pool.  The estate is a short walk to the Ocean.  Call me to see the Estate at 302 258-6983.February 25, 2014

Quick Ways To Become More Colorful


If you’re looking to give your home a quick pick-me-up, try one of these options to brighten and freshen your look…

1.  Add a variety of fabrics.  Change the draperies and add some throw pillows in differing patterns, shapes, and colors.  Just be sure that there is a common color typing everything together.

2.  Rearrange out of the box.  Instead of just rearranging all the things in a room, move things from room to room for a completely new and fresh look.

3.  Decorate.  Don’t just hang a few photos on your wall and be done – combine groups of objects to create interesting wall art.

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November 8, 2013

Today’s food for thought is from Buddha:  “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”  (Fred)  “Anger is an instantaneous reaction most times caused by misunderstood motives, count to ten.”

Fred’s pick of the day is MLS # 606355-From $548,000 to $538,000.  A Gorgeous Brick Colonial in Rehoboth Beach, DE that has 4 BR, 2.5 BA in 3300 sq. ft. on .28 acres.  The home has 2 FP, HW Floors, Granite/SS Kitchen and a private fenced yard.  Call me to see this home @ 302 258-6893.  www.fredsporch.comNovember 8, 2013

Quick & Easy Halloween Decorations


With Halloween just days away, here are a few quick, easy decoration ideas to get you in the spirit:

Ghost Garland.  You can make a ghost garland by covering each light in a string of lights with white fabric tied off to look like a ghost head.  So cute!

Dancing Lawn Ghosts.  Poke a styrofoam ball through the top of a stake or dowel and poke the other side into the ground.  Cover with a lightweight, white fabric that will pick up the wind to make the ghosts dance!

Hanging Bats.  Cut a bat pattern out of black craft foam, glue on some googley eyes, punch a hole through the tail with a hole punch and hang it from a tree with fishing line.  Viola!

Ghost Lanterns.  Decorate the outside of an empty gallon jug with a black sharpie marker to have ghostly eyes and a mouth then put a string of lights or a candle inside to light up a porch or other outdoor space.

Halloween Ornaments.  Cover Christmas ornaments with Halloween inspired paper mache and fill a basket, or just string or place them in strategic places.

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Make A Great First Impression

Smith Hawken Traditional_Front_Door_Decor-prv

Whether you’d like it to or not, the front door of your home gives people their first impression.  Not only is it where people enter your home for the first time, but it’s often the first thing that catches the eye of anyone who is driving by.  It also helps set the tone for your home, so whether you’re looking to sell your home or just to make it more inviting consider giving your front door a face lift so that it conveys the message and first impression you want it to give.

One very simple thing that you can do is to decorate it and update it regularly.  Decoration could be a wreath, dramatic home numbers, shutters, door knocker and knobs, etc.  This option is great for everybody because no matter what your personality, likes, or budget there is an option for you!  Another quick decoration idea is to add planters to either side of the door.  This is a quick solution for adding color, texture and beauty to your entryway.  If you live in an area where flowers or plants can’t survive year round you can use the planters to display seasonal décor during colder seasons.

Another easy thing to do to improve your home’s first impression is to install lights at your front door if you don’t already have them.  Lighting is another thing that has many options.  You can opt for sconces on either side of the door, spotlights installed at the ground and aimed at the door, or overhead lighting if your front door is under a porch are all great options.  And while we’re on the subject, please make sure your house number is well lighted too.

Finally, if you’re trying to sell your home, studies show that replacing your home’s front door can increase the perceived value of your home, so you might want to think about a full replacement if it’s needed.  In the study, the home’s perceived value when the entryway was updated was as much as five times the cost of the door itself.  If you’re going to update your entryway with something new, consider enlarging it to include a windows to the side or above the door as well to add natural light to the home as well as increase the value of the entryway.

No matter what you decide to do, remember that your entryway is the first and last impression that your guests and potential buyers see, so make the lasting impression a good one!

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Tips for Keeping Countertops Looking Brand New


Whether your countertops have seen better days or you’ve got new countertops that you want to keep in good shape, here are some tips for caring for different types of counter surfaces to keep them looking great!

  • Laminate:  You can keep laminate looking good with a thick paste of baking soda and water.  Leave the paste on stains for 3-5 minutes and most stains will disappear.  For tougher stains rub household bleach into the stain with a cotton ball until clean and then rinse with soapy water and rub down with a clean, damp rag.
  • Granite:  If your granite is properly sealed all you need to do is wipe it down regularly with a wet cloth.  To find out if your granite is sealed, splash some water on it and wait for 10-15 minutes.  If  the water is still beaded, you’re good to go.  If it has soaked in head to the hardware store to purchase a do-it-yourself sealer which is pretty easy and inexpensive.
  • Marble:  Food stains can be removed with a thick paste of water, baking soda, and dish soap.  Oil stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide or mineral spirits.  Etching and corrosion can be buffed away with marble polish.
  • Wood/Butcher Block:  The best way to care for wood counter surfaces is to apply mineral oil on a monthly basis.  Stains can be removed with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Quartz:  Quartz countertops are made to take a beating, however if stains do happen they can be taken care of with a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide.  Apply the paste and allow to sit for 24 hours then wipe away and clean the surface with water.
  • Stainless Steel:  Stainless steel scratches easily, but these scratches can be buffed out with an abrasive pad.  Rust stains can be cleaned up with a paste of lemon juice and baking soda, but it is best to avoid rust altogether by not allowing pots and pans to touch counter surfaces directly.
  • Solid Surface:  Buff scratches out with a mild abrasive and take care of stains with a paste of baking soda and water or lemon juice.
  • Ceramic Tile:  The best way to keep tile countertops looking new is to care for the grout regularly with a toothbrush and mildew-fighting solution.  Stains can be cleaned up with a toothbrush and diluted household bleach and then wiped up with soap and water.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your kitchen looking shiny and new for a long time to come!

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5 Ways To Utilize Wasted Space Under Your Stairs


The space under stairs is often underutilized, if not wasted.  Here are five ideas for creating practical storage in this space.

1.  Shelves.  Building custom shelves into this space is a relatively simple, but practical way to create storage without much effort.

2.  Drawers.  Creating custom stairs where each step is also a drawer can add a significant amount of storage to your home.

3.  Pull out shelves.  This idea is a combination of the first two, but creating shelves that pull out give you both decorative storage and hidden storage.

4.  Closet.  You can turn the space under your stairs into closet space by adding a door in the back for a deep storage space, or doors on the side for a long storage space, depending on what is more practical for your situation.

5.  Office space.  By opening up the space under your stairs, you can build an office directly into this space and create it in such a way to flow into the rest of your room.

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3 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom This Weekend


If you’re looking for ways to organize your bedroom, check out some of these ideas:

1.  Organize Wall Hangings.  Clear clutter by hanging taking what’s important to you, framing it or mounting it, and creating a wall display.

2.  Use Your Corners.  Installing corner shelving or a corner table can add usefulness to underutilized parts of your bedroom.

3.  Float Your Shelves.  Installing floating shelves offers abundant storage without the bulkiness of large storage units.

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A Guide To Molding


Molding is a beautiful, decorative architectural detail that is a part of many homes, but since it comes in so many different types and forms it can also be very confusing.  Here’s an alphabetical guideline to follow:

  • Baseboard.  Baseboards usually measure 3-5 inches.  It trims walls where they join with the floor.
  • Batten.  This type of molding is also called board-and-batten is used to hide the joint between pieces of paneling.
  • Bead.  Bead molding and pearl molding are similar types of trim that have a row of small spheres that are often paired with crown or chair moldings.
  • Casing.  This is the type of molding that goes around door and window frames to fill the gap.  Typically this type of molding is 2-3 inches wide.
  • Chair Rail.  This molding is installed partially up a wall and is supposed to protect walls from being damaged by furniture, but many people use it just for decoration.
  • Crown.  This molding is a beautiful architectural detail that fills the transition between wall and ceiling.  They can also be called cornice moldings and range in size from very small and simple to extremely large and ornate.
  • Dentil.  This type of molding is made up of small, evenly spaced blocks in a repeating pattern.  This type of molding is typical of historic homes and is usually just a part of more intricate crown molding.
  • Picture Rail.  Picture railings are hung anywhere from a few inches to a few feet below ceiling height and allow artwork to be hung without driving nails directly into the wall.

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3 Kitchen Trends To Avoid


If you are redoing your kitchen, or even just thinking about it, you may be tempted to update this popular room with some of the current trends.  Some trends, however, should be avoided so that your kitchen will age well and not be outdated in just a year or two.  Here are five current trends to avoid in order to add years to the life of your kitchen:

1.  Farmhouse Sinks.  These popular sinks are beautiful and all over design shows and floor rooms, but these trendy sinks may be outdated in just a few years.  For a sink that will stand the test of time go for something deep and stainless.

2.  Colorful Appliances.  White appliances are trending right now, but stainless is what will last forever.  Because stainless goes with every décor from country to contemporary to traditional, it’s really the best bet for anyone.

3.  Decorative Range Hoods.  Although still trendy, range hoods as a kitchen focal point is waning in popularity.  Avoid it to help your kitchen stand the test of time.

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Light Your Room Right

images (1)

When designing rooms professionals often rely on a simple math formula to help them determine how much light is needed.  Start by finding the square footage of your room (length multiplied by width) then multiply the square footage by 1.5 to determine the recommended wattage for lighting the room.  For example, a room that is 10×10 is 100 square feet.  100 multiplied by 1.5 is 150, so to light the room properly 150 watts are necessary.  This wattage covers the entire room, so when considering lighting (especially for rooms larger than 100 square feet!) don’t forget that lighting comes in several varieties.  There’s general overhead lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting.  And of course, remember that this formula is just a guideline to help you.  You don’t have to stress about finding fixtures that add up to the exact wattage your calculation suggests, it just helps get you in the right ballpark so that you can adjust for personal taste while still maintaining a correct range.

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Update Your Home For $500 or Less



If you’re trying to sell your house you can do a lot to increase the value without spending a lot of money.  Here are five ways that can cost less than $500.

1.  Paint
I will never get tired of saying it.  Paint your house if you want to increase its value!  Not only do neutral colors make your home seem more desirable to the majority of people, but freshly painted rooms also look clean and updated… a strong selling point!

2.  Clean
Even if you clean your house regularly, there are most likely spots you overlook or can’t get to.  If you hire a cleaning service to come and do the dirty work then your house will be able sparkle from top to bottom and make the best possible first impression to potential home buyers.

3.  Go Green
Replacing loud, broken, or simply outdated light figures or ceiling fans with new, energy efficient fixtures will increase your bottom-line without costing too much.

4.  Scrape off the popcorn
If your home has popcorn ceilings, dedicate a weekend to bringing it into the 21st century by scraping the popcorn away.  Getting rid of this dated look will instantly update the value of your home.

5.  Update the Bathroom
Even if you can’t afford an entire remodel, spending a little bit of cash on a face lift will increase your bottom line.  Things like replacing old wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, new light fixtures, and new faucet & hardware can make the room seem brand new!

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Make Your Bathroom Bigger!


If your home has a small bathroom, but you are constantly dreaming of renovating and making something a bit more spacious, then this is the post for you!  Here are a few easy tricks to make a small bathroom seem larger!

Replace the cabinets under your sink with a vanity.  Although it won’t give you as much hidden storage, utilizing baskets or open shelving under the vanity sink will provide storage while making the room feel more open.  A pedestal sink is also a great option for opening up floor space and giving the illusion of square footage!

Create a focal point.  Change out the existing lighting for a beautiful chandelier.  Switch some of the tiles out for colorful tiles or mosaics.  You could even pull several tiles from the same area to create a mosaic mural or redo a whole wall in beautiful glass tiles.  Replace your existing “boring” sinks with an eye catching bowl and faucet.  There are many ways to create a focal point in the bathroom, and no matter which one you choose, drawing attention to a gorgeous feature will definitely draw attention away from the fact that you are in a cramped space.  Just be cautious not to overdo it… you just want one focal point.  Too many will just make the space feel busy and even more cramped, and that is not the feeling you’re going for!

Creative storage.  Adding a tall, skinny cabinet behind the toilet or a pedestal sink can add storage to your space without adding bulk.  Alternatively, cutting some recessed shelving in between wall studs can make the most of unused space and won’t take up even an inch of floor space!

Create an illusion.  By trading your shower curtain for clear glass doors, you will create an illusion of space.  Hanging a larger mirror is also a great way to give the illusion of space, just be sure to hang it so that it reflects one of your bath’s assets, or if you want to be really daring, hang two mirrors across from each other!  Alternatively, using light colors throughout the whole room and allowing as much natural light into the space as possible will also give the illusion of space.

Replace your door.  Trading out a standard door for a sliding pocket door opens enough floor space to make it worth the switch!

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Make The Most Of Your Entryway


The entryway of a home is often either abused or underutilized.  At its best an entryway should welcome people into your home and be an organized spot that makes your life easier!  Here are three tips for organizing your entryway to allow for both beauty and function.

  1. Limit clutter – Don’t drop everything you’re holding in the entryway as soon as you enter.  Mail, keys, bags, shoes, coats etc. can clutter an area faster than you can blink, so make sure everything has a designated spot and put it away as soon as you walk in!
  2. Utilize multifunctional pieces – Multifunctional pieces that offer storage and fit your space are the key to having a welcoming, organized entryway.  For example, a chest can offer both seating and storage, a coat rack/bench combo has many uses, and a basket rack gives you a place to hang your coat as well as out of site storage for keys, mail, pet leashes, or anything else you might need to stash on your way in or out of the house.
  3. Have a key rack – Be sure to have a designated spot to put your keys as soon as you walk in the door.  Having your keys on hand will save you time and energy later when you need to run a quick errand or make it to an appointment on time!

Of course, once you put the time and energy into making sure your entryway is organized and inviting be sure to keep it that way by making new habits and maintaining them every time you walk through the door!

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Three Quick Ways To Add Color To Your Home


Looking for ways to add a quick pop of color?  Check out these ideas:

1.  Choose your favorite.  Take a look around and choose your favorite fabric of pattern already in the room.  Find the dominate color in that pattern and then add 5-10 accents in the same color around the room.  The amount depends on the size of the room and the accents you choose.  Keeping all of your accents in the same color scheme will add a pop to the room while still keeping a cohesive feel.

2.  Make seasonal changes.  Adding collections of seasonal decorations is a great way to add color.  Keep them simple and bright and don’t forget to change them out regularly!

3.  Remember the rule.  Designers recommend using the 60-30-10 formula as a guide for adding color to a room.  The rule is that 60% of your room should be the predominate (usually neutral) color, 30% of the room should be your secondary color – typically found in floor and window coverings, and the final 10% should be your accent color.

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Three Ways To Dress Up A Blank Wall


If you’ve got a blank wall in your home that you’re looking to dress up, try these solutions:

1. Antique Fabrics.  Search antique stores, second hand stores, and flea markets for old frames and fill them with pieces of classic quilts, tablecloths, or other antique or meaningful linens.

2.  Embroidery Hoops.  Frame any fabric that you love in different sized embroidery hoops and create an original piece of wall art by placing them in any method you choose.

3.  Floating Shelf.  Adding a floating shelf or series of floating shelves and layer framed prints, pictures, accessories, and anything else you like to add some personality to your space.  The best part about floating shelves is that you can easily change out the contents for seasons, holidays, special occasions, or just because!

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5 Quick Kitchen Updates


Freshen your kitchen with one of these relatively quick and easy updates:

1.  Open it up.  Add some open shelving, which can be as simple as removing the doors from a few cabinets and show off your colorful, collective, or otherwise interesting or beautiful dishes.

2.  Go glamorous.  Add a beautiful or interesting chandelier over an island or kitchen table too add some architectural interest to the room.

3.  Add some red.  The color red is known to enhance the sense of smell, sensitize the taste buds, and stimulate appetite.  If your kitchen is neutral, add a splash of this appealing color to the room’s palate.

4.  Organize.  Fit your silverware drawer with dividers, add a pot rack, and fit disorganized cabinets with wire shelving to clear the clutter and keep things neat.

5.  Add an artful touch.  Tile a backsplash for a simple, relatively inexpensive custom touch.  To keep costs down choose a simple tile and throw in just a few accents.

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