Three Quick Ways To Add Color To Your Home


Looking for ways to add a quick pop of color?  Check out these ideas:

1.  Choose your favorite.  Take a look around and choose your favorite fabric of pattern already in the room.  Find the dominate color in that pattern and then add 5-10 accents in the same color around the room.  The amount depends on the size of the room and the accents you choose.  Keeping all of your accents in the same color scheme will add a pop to the room while still keeping a cohesive feel.

2.  Make seasonal changes.  Adding collections of seasonal decorations is a great way to add color.  Keep them simple and bright and don’t forget to change them out regularly!

3.  Remember the rule.  Designers recommend using the 60-30-10 formula as a guide for adding color to a room.  The rule is that 60% of your room should be the predominate (usually neutral) color, 30% of the room should be your secondary color – typically found in floor and window coverings, and the final 10% should be your accent color.

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