Five Signs You’re Looking At The Wrong Home

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Last week I wrote about five issues that should raise red flags in your mind if you’re looking to buy.  Here are some more:

1.  Locked Doors.  If there are any areas of a home that are off limits during your tours, be sure that you arrange to see them at some point before you put any kind of offer on the house.

2.  Missing Walls.  If there has been any major remodeling to the home keep in mind that moving walls can shift the weight of the house around, which will cause issues if load bearing walls were not properly cared for.  Be sure to check for signs that there aren’t any structural issues.

3.  Window Issues.  Check out all the windows, make sure they work and don’t stick, check to make sure that there isn’t water damage between window panes.

4.  Pests.  Check for signs of unwelcome pests – roaches, mice, termites, etc. do not make good house guests!  Look for traps, scat, and other tell tale signs that pests might be an issue.

5.  A Questionable Area.  If a home you are interested is in an area where there are lots of boarded up homes or businesses or if it’s in a neighborhood where there are many other homes for sale, ask around and find out what’s up.  If there’s a reason that so many people are leaving the area then you will want to know about it before you buy.

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Five Signs You Should Step Back Before Making An Offer


When you find a home that seems perfect for you, be sure to look carefully for potential problems before you put in an offer.  Here are a few red flags to look for:

1.  Lack of Maintenance.  If you can tell that a home hasn’t been well maintained just by looking at it, think hard about whether or not you are up for the challenge.  Chances are that in a situation like this there will be more to fix than just the cosmetic.

2.  Foundation Issues.  Comb the foundation for damage.  Look for noticeable cracks, bulges, and grading issues in the yard which could mean that water has run down the foundation.

3.  Old Wiring.  If there are outlets or switches in the home that do not function, or if the outlets are double pronged instead of triple, if any lights flicker or circuits don’t work that is all a sign that there may be wiring issues.

4.  Funky Smells.  If you smell bad smells inside or out it could be a sign that there are bigger issues.  Additionally, if you smell strong overlying scents like potpourri, candles, etc. then just keep in mind that it may be masking other not-so-nice smells.

5.  Limited Fresh Paint.  New paint is the number one way for sellers to spruce up their homes before selling, but if you only see new paint in certain areas, look for deeper issues which may be hiding under the paint, such as mildew or mold.

Thinking of buying or selling a home in Sussex County?  Give us a call at Cooper Realty Associates and put us to work for you – 302-644-2266.