3 Kitchen Trends To Avoid


If you are redoing your kitchen, or even just thinking about it, you may be tempted to update this popular room with some of the current trends.  Some trends, however, should be avoided so that your kitchen will age well and not be outdated in just a year or two.  Here are five current trends to avoid in order to add years to the life of your kitchen:

1.  Farmhouse Sinks.  These popular sinks are beautiful and all over design shows and floor rooms, but these trendy sinks may be outdated in just a few years.  For a sink that will stand the test of time go for something deep and stainless.

2.  Colorful Appliances.  White appliances are trending right now, but stainless is what will last forever.  Because stainless goes with every décor from country to contemporary to traditional, it’s really the best bet for anyone.

3.  Decorative Range Hoods.  Although still trendy, range hoods as a kitchen focal point is waning in popularity.  Avoid it to help your kitchen stand the test of time.

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