Thursday Three: 3 Ways to Save Money on a Contractor

Thinking of remodeling? Here are a few ways to save money on a contractor:

Thinking of remodeling?  Here are a few ways to save money on a contractor:

1.  Get Several Quotes
Let the contractors you are interviewing know that they have competition.  Haggling isn’t really the best option, since contractors might give you the price you want to hear and then cut corners to make it happen.  But if contractors know you are considering others they are more likely to give you their best price.

2.  Throw Out a Lowball Offer
Before the contractor bids, name a ball park budget that is around 20-25% less than you are really expecting to spend.  He might laugh in your face, but he’ll be thinking about your “budget” when he puts together your quote.

3.  Work With Your Contractor
After you decide on a contractor, work with him.  Ask him to suggest ways you could modify the project plans to save money, and be willing to make some changes.

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