Recipes For A Bug Free Summer


If you’re looking to keep your summer bug free naturally, here are a few options you might want to try:

Natural Bug Repellant.  Using essential oils, mix the following – 4 drops thyme, 4 drops lavender, 4 drops peppermint and 8 drops lemongrass.  Mix 5 drops of the blend with 1 tablespoon witch hazel and 5 tablespoons of water – mix well and apply to skin.

Natural Indoor Spray.  If you’ve got an indoor pest problem whether it be spiders, ants, rodents, or something else, try this recipe for a natural, indoor spray.  Mix 20 drops of peppermint essential oil, 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin and 2 ½ ounces of water.  Mix well and then spray around doorways, windows, cracks and anywhere else that pests might enter your home.

Natural Mosquito Repellant.  Several plants act as natural mosquito repellants.  Try planting them around your yard, in containers near your doors and around your outdoor living spaces to keep mosquitoes away.  Plants that work include: catnip, rosemary, basil, citronella, lemongrass, and marigolds.

Garlic Supplements.  Garlic is a natural bug repellant.  Taking a no odor garlic supplement along with your regular diet can help ward off pests, as can rubbing raw cloves on your skin.  Although one will smell admittedly worse than the other!

I hope that some of these tips help you have a bug free summer!

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