Summer Efficiency For Your Home



With the temperature rising and summer heading our way it’s time to consider making a few changes to become more energy efficient for summer.

  1. Clean your filters.  Clean your filters monthly and get your system checked yearly to make sure it’s running efficiently.  Ignoring this simple step could be costly in the long run because you’ll end up needing a new unit instead of simply making minor fixes to yours when necessary.
  2. Check for leaks.  Feel around light switches, electrical sockets, doors, windows & baseboards to see if any air is leaking.  If you find problem areas use foam or caulk to seal it wherever possible.
  3. Cook outside.  Avoid turning on the oven when possible.  Using a crockpot or the grill whenever you can will save a significant amount of energy.
  4. Keep it dark.  Close your blinds or shades whenever you aren’t home and the more you can keep them closed on the sunny side of your home, the better.
  5. Check the tank.  Make your toilet more efficient by filling a soda bottle with sand or water and putting it into the tank that way the toilet uses less water each time it flushes.
  6. Shut it up.  If you have any unused rooms in your home be sure to shut the doors and vents to lighten the load for your a/c unit and make your home more efficient.

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