5 Ways To Use Up Fourth of July Leftovers

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If you enjoyed your fourth of July, but aren’t quite sure what to do with all your leftovers, this is the post for you…

1.  Watermelon Cake.  If you have lots of fresh watermelon leftover, cube it up, remove the seeds and mix it up with some white cake mix and other ingredients for this scrumptious summer dessert.  Just watch out!  It will become a favorite.  Click here for the recipe.

2.  Bread Pudding.  If you have a lot of leftover hamburger and/or hotdog buns, cube them up and use them in place of the bread in your favorite bread pudding recipe.  For a delicious recipe option that uses only ingredients you most likely already have on hand, click here.

3.  Hamburgers.  If you fear you’ll be eating hamburgers for the next week or so, crumble up your leftover patties and use them in place of ground beef in your favorite chili recipe.  Then you can freeze the chili in gallon freezer bags and pull them out when you need a quick and tasty meal!  For a simple and delicious chili recipe, click here.

4.  Coleslaw.  Take your leftover coleslaw and turn it into a star ingredient in your next meal with recipes like Easy Moo Shu Veggie WrapsAsian Style Lettuce Wraps, or Chicken BBQ Sandwiches.

5.  Cupcakes.  Patriotic cupcakes are all super popular, so if you find that you miraculously have some leftover, use them in place of pound cake in any trifle recipe, like this delicious blueberry trifle option.

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