Garage Sale Tips: Finding Bargains


Yesterday I talked about tips for hosting a successful garage sale, but if shopping for bargains is more your style consider these tips.  First, be selective.  Even though a dollar here and there doesn’t seem like much it can add up quickly, so unless you want your home to become cluttered with other people’s stuff, be discerning about what you buy.  Don’t feel obligated to buy just because you’re there, and choose things that you know you will definitely use.  Second, shop with a supply of small bills and change – single dollars and quarters are best for scoring bargains and making change quickly and easily.  Last, consider a drive-by.  After you’ve done your research on which sales you are going to hit up, drive by to see if they are as advertised.  If not, don’t hesitate to move on… just because you’re hunting bargains doesn’t mean you need to waste your time.  Enjoy bargain hunting during this garage sale season!

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