Garage Sale Tips


‘Tis the season of garage sale-ing!  Garage sales are an awesome way to get rid of clutter around your house when you are preparing to sell, but you can also use them to raise money for a good cause, or just because.  No matter why you’re planning a garage sale, start by collecting items to sell.  The best thing to do is methodically go through each room of your home and put anything unused in a box to sell later.  Once you’ve got your goods for sale, put a price on everything, or if you want to save time, price it when you put it in the box.  Once you’re ready to sell you need to advertise.  The best way to do this is to place a free ad through craigslist.  Post your ad a few days before the sale and keep it bumped.  Include the address, times, and a list of items for sale.  You can also call your local newspaper and ask about ad space, but often it is too expensive to be worth it.  In addition to your ads, create several signs with large bold letters that advertise your sale.  For best results stick to the basics – the words “Garage Sale”, address, date & time.  You can even advertise your sale through your personal Facebook and Twitter account and other social media sites.  Ask your friends to share the info for even greater word-of-mouth!  For the best success make sure to set up your display neatly and in an area that is easy to find.  If you live in a difficult to find neighborhood, consider teaming up with a friend in a better location or purchasing a spot at a community sale.  Price everything, but be sure you don’t overprice it.  Garage sale pricing is significantly below retail value.  Your goal should be to earn a few bucks on something you would otherwise throw away or give away, not to recoup the price you paid for an item, even if it is still brand new.  Finally, consider teaming up with your friends or neighbors for a neighborhood-wide yard sale.  This will generate more traffic and create better success.  And don’t forget, the purpose of a garage sale is to clear clutter, so as soon as the sale is over box up anything that’s left and donate it to a local thrift store or non-profit organization.  Many will gladly take your leftovers and even give you a donation receipt that you can use as a tax write-off next year.

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