5 Easy Fixes Before Selling


If you’re putting your home on the market here are five cheap & easy fixes to increase your home’s sale potential.

1.  Declutter.  I’ve said it a million times before, and I will keep saying it… pick up your stuff, put half of it away, and if necessary, rent a storage unit while your home is on the market.  Especially stash collectibles, family photos, and personal objects.  Decluttering your house is the easiest and least expensive thing you can do to make it appeal to more buyers.

2.  Clean.  Deep clean, that is.  In addition to your normal cleaning have your floors cleaned professionally, remove scuff marks from walls and baseboards, pressure wash the outside of your home including the driveway, wash your window treatments, scrub tile, and clean your windows both inside and out.

3.  Paint.  This is another one that I’ve been a broken record about.  Repaint any walls in your home that are anything other than neutral in a neutral shade.  No buyer has ever said, “oh this wall is too tan” but plenty of buyers have said “oh, this wall is just so red” (or blue or yellow, etc.).  Neutral paint can literally sell your home!

4.  New Hardware.  Kitchens & bathrooms are the two rooms that buyers are most interested in.  By changing out the hardware, light switch & plate covers, towel/toilet paper racks, etc. you can give both rooms a mini makeover without shelling out too much cash.

5.  Curb Appeal.  Finally, take a look at your home through a buyer’s eyes.  If it could use a little curb appeal make over consider clearing dead plants, trim plants and bushes, and add some landscaping if necessary.

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