Mistakes That Many Home Buyers Make


Buying a home can be stressful and time consuming.  The right agent can make your home search less painful, but it can still be quite a process.  There are a few common mistakes that many home buyers make that can make the process more painful than it has to be.  The first, extremely common mistake that buyers make is failing to see the potential in the homes they view.  While it is important for buyers to see both the positive and negative aspects of each home they visit, passing on a home that is otherwise perfect just because the walls are an ugly color or the carpets are dated is a common mistake that can be avoided.

Another common mistake is getting so caught up in the moment or in the charm of a particular home or location that buyers forget that they need three bedrooms instead of two or need more need an eat-in kitchen versus a dining room.  Compromise is a natural part of the home search, but compromising on a “deal breaker” because a buyer is caught up in the moment is a huge mistake.  To that end, I located this awesome home buyer’s chart put out by HUD that can help buyers rate each home they see and keep the important things organized in several different categories.  Of course, having a great agent makes these mistakes and others much less common.

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