Things You Should Always Ask Your Agent


If you’re thinking of buying a home, here are five questions you should always ask your agent:

1.  Do you know a great _____________________.
Fill in the blank here with your desired expert.  Your agent should be able to refer you to a good mortgage broker and inspector for sure, but also painters, plumbers, electricians, structural engineers, and any other expert you may need or desire to work with during the home buying process.  Your agent should be a local expert, who will be able to guide you to other local professionals that can get the job done well.  In addition, professionals who often get referrals from your agent will usually treat you better than someone you found on your own because they want to continue getting business referrals from your agent!

2.  What should I expect?/What happens next?
These are questions you should ask continually throughout the home buying process, starting with your very first interview with your agent.  Your agent should be able to help you manage your expectations and guide you from the very beginning of the process until you’ve officially closed and have the keys in your hand!

3.  What are the possibilities here?
Again, you will probably ask this question more than once during your home buying process!  There’s really never a bad time to ask this questions, but particularly good examples would be when you are looking at a home that has a bonus room, unfinished basement, etc.  Your agent should have seen enough home to know what kind of realistic suggestions can be offered for the space.  Another great example would be in your home inspection turns up issues.  Asking your agent what the possibilities are opens up the opportunity for you to discuss requesting repairs, lowering your offer, etc. with an expert who can walk you through it.  My final example would be when it comes time to make an offer, asking about the possibilities gives your agent a chance to walk you through the various contract terms that you may or may not have thought of left to your own devices.  With these examples in mind, I’m sure you can come up with plenty of your own examples when asking this question would be perfect, so use it liberally throughout your home buying process!

4.  What do I need to know about this area?
When it comes to home buying each area is very different.  Again, your agent should be a local expert, so they should be able to guide you and help you with the ins and outs of the local you are considering.

5.  What else should I ask?/What else do I need to know?
This question relies on your agent to be your expert (which, they definitely should be!) and allows them the chance to share with you their extensive knowledge without relying on you to ask every single question.  Remember, your agent has gone through the buying process way more times than you have, so even if you are the type to ask a million questions, be sure to throw this one in there as well, because your agent definitely has expertise that you can and should rely on!

If you’re looking for an agent who can answer all of these questions and more, call us at Cooper Realty Associates and put us to work for you – 302-644-2266!

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