3 Ways To Organize Your House Hunt


If you’re looking to buy, you know that after looking at house after house, things start to run together in your memory.  Here are a few hints to help you stay organized.

1.  Take Notes.  Snapping some pictures on your phone (or bringing a camera along) won’t hurt either.  Carry a notebook with you and dedicate a sheet to each page you see.  Write the address of the property at the top and then fill the page(s) with any notes to help you distinguish the home in your memory later.  Include in your notes any questions you have about the property. Which leads me to number two…

2.  Ask Questions.  Ask any and all questions that come to mind while you’re at the property.  If you have a good realtor, he or she should be able to answer many on the spot.  Jot these answers in your notes.  If your realtor doesn’t know the answer, they can check on it and get back to you, so write the questions in your notes if you’re waiting for answers. (See number one!)

3.  Know Your Priorities.  Prioritize your wish list and know your priorities.  If you know that you need four bedrooms, don’t waste your time looking at three bedroom houses.  If a large yard is a deal breaker, then skip the homes that don’t fit your criteria.  Most importantly, know what’s most important to you – price or location.  If you’re lucky you’ll find your dream home in both your price range and your desired location, but many times one or the other has to bend a bit to fit your needs, so be clear before you go in on which one you’re willing to flex if necessary.

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