Tips For Staying Within Your Renovation Budget


If you’re planning a renovation, whether small or large, staying within your budget is a huge stressor and can be difficult!  One of the best ways to preemptively avoid breaking the budget is to work with a designer to work out all of the details of your project before hiring a contractor.  Yes, you will have to pay up front for the design plan, but then you will have specific details to ask contractors to bid on and you will have specific parameters and can make adjustments from there.  Without that plan, you are susceptible to every unexpected thing that comes up which is usually what blows the budget.  Another thing you can do is prioritize your materials to what is going to make the biggest impact on your room and then surround those materials with less expensive things rather than choose the priciest materials for every surface.  Finally, avoid last minute changes which are the costliest of all!  One delay or change can set off a chain of delays and cost adjustments that make a budget a thing of the past.  Again, this is where an initial plan will be helpful because putting time and thought into these decisions in the first place negates the need for last minute switches later on.

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