Housing Numbers To Consider


When you are looking for house, whether it is to rent or to buy, there is always math to consider.  The first number that is important regardless of whether you’re going to rent or buy your credit score is vastly important.  If you have stellar credit, such as a score over 740, use it to your advantage to negotiate a better rate for yourself.  Mortgage rates are another important number if you’re looking to buy a home.  For every one percent that a mortgage rate increases, a home becomes twelve percent more expensive for buyers, so locking in the lowest possible interest rate you can is in your definite best interest as a buyer.  Finally, if you’re thinking of buying consider the total cost of home ownership which includes your mortgage, insurance and taxes.  The best rule of thumb is not to let the total cost of home ownership exceed twenty-five percent of your monthly income.  A good realtor can help you crunch these numbers and find the best fit for your family.

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