Why You Should Take Lowball Offers Seriously

Hand, pen and blank document

If you’re selling a home you should be prepared to deal with lowball offers even though you might find them annoying at best and offensive at worst.  However, it would behoove you, as a seller, to take all offers seriously – even the lowball ones.  For one thing, if a buyer liked the home enough to make an offer, even a lowball one, they are now emotionally invested in the property.  As a seller, you can come back with a counter offer at or close to your asking price.  At that point the potential buyers will either walk away, if they weren’t serious in the first place and you haven’t lost anything.  Otherwise they will come back with a more realistic offer and you can negotiate from there.  Through good negotiation a lowball offer can become your best option for selling.  Remember that for every month your home stays on the market it is costing you money, so selling for a little less than you’re hoping for might actually bring you the most money in the long run, so it is in your best interest as a seller to take every offer that comes across your plate seriously.

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