Three Tips For Avoiding Sellers Remorse


In many ways, it is easier to be a buyer than a seller in the real estate market.  When you’re buying you are in control of the situation and can back out through contingencies if you need to.  When you’re selling however, there really aren’t many options for you except to sit back and wait to see what happens.  Here are three tips for avoiding seller’s remorse:

1.  List Only When You Are Ready
This means having a clear plan for what you are going to do when your home sells, where are you are going to go, and the time frame you are looking at to make everything happen.  This also means cleaning, decluttering, and fixing up anything that is necessary so that your home can go on the market clean, crisp and ready to show!

2.  Have A Solid Pricing Strategy
Work with your agent to develop a pricing strategy that is both realistic and competitive.  When your home enters the market priced correctly it should generate immediate interest.  The last thing you want is to waste the precious (and generally most active) first two to four weeks on the market with no interest because you’ve priced yourself out of the market.

3.  Be Ready To Negotiate
In many places, sellers are finally in control of negotiations for the first time in awhile and should take that into account when negotiating with buyers.  Don’t discount lowball offers, rather be ready to negotiate with your agent’s help and see where it gets you.

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