Home Inspection Help


After you’ve found your dream home and had your offer accepted it is time to hire a home inspector.  Home inspection isn’t a step of a home transaction that you want to skimp on, so for your peace of mind and to save potential trouble be sure to find the right home inspector.  To find a trustworthy home inspector you should start by asking your real estate agent, friends and family for recommendations.  Once you have a list check the qualifications and references of the recommended inspectors and narrow down your list.  At that point you can ask inspectors to see a sample inspection report or checklist so that you can insure that hiring the inspector will turn up a thorough inspection with explanations and not just a simple checklist.  Additionally, it would be beneficial for you to hire an inspector who has membership in a national or state association of home inspectors.  Home inspectors can easily make errors or overlook problems so ask the inspector for his or her company’s policy in such situations.  Ask questions such as whether the company has insurance for errors or omissions, whether it is the company or the individual inspector who stands behind the report and whether or not there is a guarantee and if so, how long it lasts for.  Finally, ask the inspector whether or not you are allowed to be present during the inspection.  Walking along with the inspector can teach you a lot about your property and give you a great idea of the types of issues you might deal with in the future.

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