If You Are In, You Are Out!

I have been reading most of the editorials, listening to the Talking Heads, and watching the news coverage about the coming election.  I do not believe any of them has hit the mark.

 There is a great groundswell, far beyond the Tea Parties, Conservative Fanatics, and Liberal Pundits.  No one really wants what is going on in Washington to continue.  It is becoming increasingly clear that our legislators have lost touch with the general public. My naive hope was that these legislators do what is right for the country, not the special interest groups or themselves, I have been disappointed to say the least. 

 For this midterm election, I propose that all incumbents who are running for re-election be voted out.  In this manner the entire House of Representatives and one third of the Senate will be new.  Yes, we will elect some idiots and yes old time experience will be lacking,  but can it be worse than what we have now?  I would rather take my chances with new people than the cronyism that now exists.  I don’t think just a change in majorities will amount to a hill of beans, we need a clean start.

  We are the employers, and our country is in trouble—it’s time for new management, the old guard needs to be swept aside.

 Fred Sponseller

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