The joys of living in Bridgeville, Delaware….Meet Woody Hunsberger.

For a guy who was born and raised in the City of Philadelphia, I guess I never realized how wonderful life could be until we moved to lower slower Delaware in 1974. After living in the big city with all of its commotion, I really appreciate the peace and quiet of living in Bridgeville, Delaware in rural Sussex County. Bridgeville is located just north of Cooper Realty’s office in Seaford, Delaware, so I am close to work. My wife and I have a very modest home with no more worries about the costs of water and sewer, high taxes, city pollution, endless traffic jams, crowds of people. Each morning I am blessed to be able to look to the wide open spaces to the east, watch the sunrise, and say “thank you Lord for allowing me to live here”. Author ~Woody Hunsberger

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