5 Ways To Make Your House Smart


If you’re looking to increase your home’s technological presence, check out these five cool ways to make your home smarter:

1.  Home Automation Systems.  Hooking your lighting and appliances up to a home automation system is a great way to ease into smarter home technology.  Many companies sell this type of technology at a variety or price points.

2.  Video Doorbell.  A video doorbell will allow you to see and even talk with visitors before you open the door.  And if you’re not home, you can view snapshots of who was at your door while you were away.

3.  Programmable Thermostat.  If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, getting one can save you a significant portion of your heating and cooling costs.  Some are so intelligent they can even program themselves after learning your schedule!

4.  Water Saver.  There are systems available that keep track of your water usage and automatically alert you to your water usage so that you can save water… and they really work!

5.  Smart Lock.  There are new locks available that use keyless technology downloaded to a smart phone to control your locks.  With these you can even let guests in remotely and keep track of who has locked and unlocked your door without ever being home.  Many of these can also be operated manually so that during a phone, internet, or power outage there are no issues.

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