Adrenalin Rush? Bucket List? need for speed? Only you can answer this mystery.

WHAT’S YOUR REASON ?  What is it about driving 120 MPH on a 24 degree banked turn (approximately 3 stories high) on a 1 mile oval racetrack in 30 seconds, experiencing around 3 G’s of force pressing against your inner being in a car that seemingly defies gravity, will deafen your hearing in a heartbeat, the suspension is so rigid you can feel every grain of sand beneath you, yet you feel like the car is glued to the track and as you peer out the windshield your peripheral vision is but a blur?
     Adrenalin Rush?   Bucket List? need for speed?  Only you can answer this mystery.   Monster Racing has been trying to answer this question for years.   
I have been fortunate enough to meet people from all over the world.  Sports figures, celebrities, politicians and the like who have made their destination the Monster Mile at Dover Speedway in Dover Delaware.  It seems the experience that Monster offers is an incredible experience and is  just a pit stop  on the way to enjoying some vacation time or just some down time at one of  Delaware’s favorite destinations– the resort areas of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  Some come to relax at their Lewes Beach Cottage, others prefer to enjoy their Rehoboth Beach Townhouse.  Whatever the reason, why don’t you come see us at Cooper Realty in Lewes De. so we can introduce you to our backyard— Delaware Beachfront Property.   A playground for all and a home to many.
Author~Paul Powalski