Delaware’s Greatest Asset

maryharding-tn2.jpgDelmarva gets it’s name from eastern shores of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia which are on the peninsula. It is a great place to live.

Having been a transplant 30 some years ago, I used to kid with people and tell them once I felt the sand between my toes I didn’t want to live anywhere else. The truth of the matter is once someone experiences eastern shore hospitality, they won’t want to live anywhere else.

I have had flat tires of which kind souls have helped me change, to having a friend show up Christmas day with Christmas dinner for my family and myself when I was too sick to cook. I am eternally grateful to those people.

That is just an example of the wonderful people you meet here. I am sure there might be one or two bad apples, but you can’t have a bushel of apples without finding a few worms.

My point is when I think of our community’s most important asset; I know it is our people which are hardheaded, stubborn, and independent, some of which through out history have helped make our country great. They are our greatest asset, along with all our soldiers who have fought to keep us free.

Memories of Summer

maryharding-tn1.jpgOne of my best childhood memories is of the colorful flowers my grandmother planted around her house. We would sit on the porch in rocking chairs and watch the Humming birds circle the endless blossoms on my grandmother’s Four O’clock bushes. As kids we were always surprised how the bright little trumpets closed up at night, only to open again the next day. There were many other beautiful flowers planted in her garden, But none as much fun as her Four O’clock bushes.

Delaware Fishing

maryharding-tn.jpgDelaware is a waterman’s paradise. There are all kinds of places to go fishing. There are freshwater areas such as ponds, and cypress bog areas where the bass like to hide. Delaware also has brackish rivers like the Nanticoke, the inland bay areas, and of course the ocean. There are also great spots for crabbing which are well kept secrets by the locals.

The fun is discovering these spots for your self. You just need to pack a cooler full of bait, sandwiches, drinks and your fishing rods. It’s a great way to have fun with your family or friends. It will leave your kids with great memories, and other than a fishing license, and a little bait, it doesn’t cost you any more than your time.

Connie Cooper, I am a “gadget girl”…

connie_cropped_5-28-10_web_f.jpgI am a “gadget girl”….I love learning about the latest technology and how to use it to my advantage, both personally and professionally.

That’s why I am so excited about my new Motorola DROID mobile phone. I just got it this week, and I have had so much fun exploring all of the awesome things that it can do and all of the apps that I can download on it. This is my first “smart phone”, so now I have the capability of staying connected with my friends, family and clients 24 hours a day (well, except for when I sleep). I get my e-mail, stay in touch on FaceBook and Twitter, and I can do property searches all from the palm of my hand. There are so many applications available on this gadget, that I have only begun to “scratch the surface” of what a powerful tool this is going to be. One of first apps that I downloaded is called “Car Home” by Google maps. This app is an audible turn-by-turn direction navigation system. The accuracy is incredible!! This is an essential tool for me as a REALTOR. When I am showing properties to clients, I have to know where I am going 😉 Besides tools for work, I am having fun getting apps that are fun and apps that will help me get organized. I definitely could use some help in that department!!! One of the apps that will help me with being organized is called “Key Ring”. Do you ever get to a store where you have one of those membership cards that saves you money at the check out counter and you realize that you forgot your card, or you have lost it, or it has fallen off of your key chain? Well, “Key Ring” is an app that will end all of those problems. With this app, you simply scan in the barcode on the back of all of your cards, save it on your phone in one organized file, and when you are going through the check out counter the clerk simply scans your barcode right from your phone. It’s awesome!!! I registered all of my membership cards (12 of them) in 5 minutes. Now, I can de-clutter my key chain and my purse from all of those cards. No more fumbling around trying to find my card while people behind me are getting impatient 🙂 I can’t wait to find more applications to put on my new phone!! You can learn more about Connie and what she does here,