Tips for Selling Your Home This Summer


Spring and summer tend to be the busiest season for the real estate market.  And living near the beach, that is especially true in our area – when tourists come for a week and often decide to stay!  If you’re looking to sell your home and want to make the most of the busy market, consider these tips:

Maintain an immaculate lawn.  Keep your lawn mowed, bushes and trees trimmed, gardens weeded, and sidewalks edged and clear.

Plant some flowers.  Choose some seasonal blooms and plant them to brighten up your yard.  Another option is to plant some in containers near your home’s entrance and change them out with the seasons.

Check your lighting.  Make sure all of the light bulbs both inside and outside your home are working properly and replace any that are burnt out.

Give easy access.  Home showings are inconvenient for sure, especially if you’re living in your home, but if you’re super restrictive about when your home can be shown, chances are you won’t have showings.

De-clutter.  Go through each room of your house and box up anything that is super personal then put it in storage.  Also declutter – get rid of as much as you can so that your home appears spacious and more inviting to people thinking of living there.

This is a great time of year to sell your home.  I hope you will take advantage of some of these tips to help you.

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