Features That Catch A Buyer’s Attention

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There are a few features that will almost always catch a buyer’s attention.  Of course, your home may not have all of these, but a few of them are easy to “fake” and others are affordable to update!  So go on, catch the attention of your potential buyers!

A Nice Entryway – fake it with a fresh coat of paint on the front door and clever furniture placement.  A table or chest of drawers added near the front door can create the illusion of an entryway in a home that doesn’t necessarily have one.

Hardwood Floors – there really isn’t an easy way to fake this, but an affordable wood laminate can still make a big difference in selling your home if your carpet has been a turn-off to buyers.

Nice Countertops – It doesn’t have to be granite, but if your kitchen currently has tile or laminate counter tops, consider replacing them if you’d like to appeal to more buyers.  Any kind of slab countertop is appealing to buyers, but of course granite is the favorite!  Other options are butcher block, marble, Corian, concrete, and many other stone slabs.

Organized Closets/Cabinets – Spaces that are pre-organized suggest to the buyer that they too will be nicely organized if they moved into this home.  If you have closet organizers, be sure they aren’t dated.

Landscaping – Simple, clean landscaping with nice open lawn space is universally appealing.  Remember, massive landscaping projects might look beautiful, but when buyers see that they see maintenance.  If your yard space is a lot of dirt, growing some grass will help a lot!

Of course, other features like lovely bathrooms, and gorgeous kitchen appliances always catch a buyer’s attention too, but it is difficult to “fake” or cheaply upgrade those.  Of course, if you can figure out a way to do it, it will help your house sell all the more!

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