Winterize Your Home Now


We are well into fall now, and winter is quickly approaching.  Now is the perfect time to winterize your home if you haven’t already.  Here are some winterization steps that every homeowner should take:

1.  Change your furnace filters.  This maximizes your home’s efficiency in one easy and inexpensive step.

2.  Check the roof.  Examine your roof for leaks and replace shingles as needed.  Heavy snow and ice can cause minor leaks to become major leaks in a hurry which is not only dangerous, but also much more expensive.

3.  Check weatherstripping.  Check the areas around your doors and windows to be sure that you are keeping your heat in and drafts out.  Replacing and adjusting weatherstripping as necessary creates a seal and keeps warm air in and cold air out, which effectively saves you money.

4.  Care for your yard.  Rake and bag leaves, put away all loose outdoor tools and furniture, and consider fertilizing your lawn with a winter fertilizer.  This will keep your yard safe when winter winds blow and set you up for having a gorgeous lawn in the spring.

5.  Close foundation vents.  Foundation vents should be open during the spring and summer to let moisture escape from your crawl space and closed during the fall and winter to protect against freezing.  Now’s the time to close them up!

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