How to Attract Young Homebuyers


If you’re selling your home and you’d like it to appeal to younger buyers, here are some tips to help you market your home smarter.

Make it multi-functional.  Young buyers don’t necessarily need a ton of space as long as the space they have is organized and can be used in multiple ways.  Good ways to demonstrate this are by turning a guest bedroom into a home office and adding a pull-out sofa to show that it can still be used as a guest room when needed.  If your home is not already set up to utilize the space in the smartest way possible it may be in your best interest to bring in a stager to help you make the best decisions for marketing purposes.

Know their priorities.  Many young buyers are tech-driven and almost all are tech-savvy.  Including in your marketing materials information about local internet service and cellular service options, quality and costs will be noted and appreciated by younger buyers.

Take note of transportation.  Also include in your marketing materials information that shows your home in the best light for alternative transportation methods such as bikes, public transportation, and car-sharing services.  Young buyers are often very interested in saving money on transportation so that they have more to spend on housing.  If your home can play to these wishes, then be sure to highlight it!

Sell the community.  Providing information on the neighborhood and greater community that your home is in will provide a service that will only benefit both you and your young buyer.  By helping them see the benefits of living in your community you may provide more of a need for your home.

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