Back To School Storage Solutions


If you or someone you know has gone off to college recently, chances are you’ve noticed that storage space is at a premium in college dorms and apartments.  Luckily, there are a few great storage ideas that can help any student make the most of their space.

  • Combine storage & seating.  Find items that do double duty such as a bench with storage inside or underneath.
  • Use everyday items for décor.  For example, hang a couple of hooks on the wall and attach a basic chain at both ends and then hang your jewelry for instant storage and décor for just a few dollars or hang some painted crown molding to display heels from. 
  • Make it mobile.  Add wheels to a bookshelf or bench and then place it in front of your closet door.  Added storage in an instant and you can just wheel it out of the way when you need access to your clothes!
  • Charging station.  Although it will take up space, creating a charging station will keep you and your space more organized, giving the feel of actually having more space.
  • Shoe rack.  If your space has a common area, create a shoe rack for everyone to keep the place cleaner and free up some valuable closet space.
  • Use old drawers.  If you can find some old drawers, painting and lining them and stacking them vertically will give a homey feel and much needed storage space in a small area.  Or, if you can find beautiful old drawers or baskets, filling them with the items that remain in plain sight (like lotions, toothpaste, etc.) will just make everything look nicer as well as be easy to move around if necessary.

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