Three Options For Staging Your Home


If you’re looking to sell your home, staging is an option that I recommend and have talked about several times before.  If you like the idea, but can’t do a full staging, here are some options for you to consider:

1.  Have a consultation.  A one time consultation with a professional stager or designer is an investment that can be worth it!  They will give you advice and options about what needs to be done and feedback about how to best prepare for sale.  They can even recommend paint colors, carpet types, design suggestions and more.  And many designers charge by the hour, so you can get a lot of advice for just a small investment.

2.  Partial staging.  This is when a stager or designers comes in and stages just a few key rooms to show off their best features.  For example, if you’ve been using one of your home’s bedrooms as an office, a stager can help you show it as a bedroom or an office.  Or if your furniture is old and outdated a stager can bring in a few key pieces to bring life to an otherwise dull living room, bedroom, or den.

3.  Fluff staging.  Fluff staging involves rearranging furniture, choosing pieces to move into storage, and rethinking pieces in rooms to give your home a cohesive and uncluttered feel.  This is a great option for many people because you use all of your own pieces and just rearrange them in a way to suit the house for being on the market.

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