Stage Your Home To Sell


Staging your home is one of the best ways to help it sell.  Staging is about creating a mood giving the illusion that your home is brighter, warmer, and sometimes even larger than it might otherwise seem.  Done correctly, staging helps create an environment that makes potential buyers want to bite the bullet.  Staging is the final stage in prepping your home for sale.  It should follow de-cluttering, cleaning, painting, and making any necessary repairs.  To dress a room you can use a variety of items.  Some popular ones are mirrors, lamps, flowers and plants, area rugs, pillows, throw blankets, baskets, etc.  Most stager recommend using sparse furniture and accenting to make the room’s purpose apparent.  For example, in your kitchen you can rub orange oil into dry cabinets to revive them and make them shine and put out large bowls of bright, polished fruit such as apples and oranges.  It helps your bathroom to add spa baskets with towels tied with ribbon, scented soaps and lotions, etc.  Stagers also recommend that you stage your yard too.  Add plants and flowers as necessary, and remember that potted plants work too.  You can also dress any patio furniture that you have with a fun tablecloth or other bright solution.

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