Ideas for More Interesting Walls


One of the easiest ways to add interest to your décor is to utilize your walls.  Whether they are solid or windowed, white or colorful, painted or wallpapered, walls are basically the blank canvas of your home.  If you’re looking to update your home’s look, one thing you can consider is installing crown molding, or if your home already has crown molding, install picture molding just below ceiling height to extend the look.  In your dining room, installing a chair rail is a nice touch.  If you’re looking to add some color you can stencil a favorite quote or look into the awesome wall decals that are available from many reputable dealers – many have a professional look and finish, but you can apply them yourself!  Another colorful option is to paint a thick stripe of color around the room, about two-thirds of the way up the wall.  Outlined with thin strips of white paint of chair rails above and below the stripe, this gives a real pop of color that can be a great accent to an otherwise drab room.  If you like the idea of a pop of color or texture, but aren’t willing to make the commitment to your walls, consider lining the backs of bookshelves, the entertainment center, or other open storage with wall paper that suits your taste and accents your room.  Another great way to add interest without a long-term commitment is to mat and frame artwork or black and white photo prints and group them in arrangements at eye level.  If you want your home to reflect your tastes, start with the walls – they are the easiest and fastest place to add personality, and can be (relatively) easily changed when you’re ready for something new!

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