My Annual Christmas Observations

The Christmas Season

 As I sit down to write my annual Christmas blog, I was thinking about the subject.  In 2010, I think I have to address the Washington group of thugs.

 It appears that the Obama Administration and the Republicans want to give us extended tax cuts, extended unemployment compensation and a host of other Goodies for the Holidays.

 I agree with the statement, “It is better to give than receive.”  In most cases the gifts are purchased by the giver.  In this case the recipient (us) has to pay for it.  They just don’t get it.

 There are no solutions here; there is no leadership here, there is just nothing.  The ship is sinking and no one can agree to send an SOS.

 Why do our elected leaders refuse to lead?  In the Holiday Season does the government have to do our Christmas Shopping for us?  They are all Indian Givers-what one hand giveth, the other takes away at least 3 time the cost of the gift.  Why are we so stupid?

 I hope 2010 was kind to you and yours.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 Fred Sponseller

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