Unique Ways to Sell a Home

1) Create an informational flyer with all the local conveniences you can find.

2) Do some staging to make sure your home looks the best.

3) Be sure to offer incentives in this market.

4)Send letters to your neighbors, inviting them to “Pick Their Neighbor”.

5) Put flyers in surrounding shopping areas

6) Paint the garage floor (concrete paint), to make it look fresh.

These are things you can do that Realtors cannot.

Now things your Realtor can do.

1) For an OPEN HOUSE, serve light refreshments, and some sort of a handout.

2) Have comparables data sheets as well as your home’s data, to highlight your value.

3) Put up signs in your front yard with information boxes.

4) Create a virtual tour for your home.

5) Have your agent put your home on as many websites as practical, 10-15 ought to be enough.

Fred Sponseller

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