In Bowers Beach, Delaware be careful where you park your Harley…..

The other day, 13 other motorcycle riders and I left Seaford, Delaware and headed north. Only the leader knew where we were going, but I knew we were going to eat somewhere.

We ended up in Bowers Beach, Delaware. I’ve never been there before. We pulled up in the parking lot of “ JP’s Wharf Restaurant & Bar “ Looked like a real nice place.

The next thing we heard is some lady telling us to move the bikes to another parking lot on the other side of the white line. We didn’t know what to think, so we did it.

We all piled into to the restaurant and asked why we had to move the bikes and the waitress said the parking lot would be full of water in a little while. That was a first for us. By the time we ate and were getting ready to leave the parking lot was full of the Delaware Bay!! High tide and a northeast wind had pushed a lot of water out of the canal. The water was just about up to the white line in the parking lot. Luckily, one of the girls from the restaurant gave us a ride to our bikes in the back of her pickup so we didn’t have to wade through the water..

PJ’s was a good place to eat and the service was excellent and the ride through the water was free. The only thing I can say is I don’t know if you need to make a reservation to eat, but you might want to check the tide chart so you know if you need to park on the other side of the white line.

High tide at JP's Restaurant in Bower's Beach, DE

~Author- Steve Taylor

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